Wonder of Laughter!!!

  Wonder of Laughter MAK Lodhi, India Thursday, 28 May 2015 13:11:57 We live in the age of Science and technology, perhaps under stress.It influence and impact on life has been so deep and extensive that it has turned this earth into a land of Wonder And marvels. All of our aminities,comforts and luxuries are…

Laughter Yoga As Good As Any Exercise

Laughter Yoga As Good As Any Exercise

Regular exercising is difficult to sustain for a lot of people as it invariably gets monotonous and boring after some time. A recent research in UK shows that 70 per cent of people would exercise more if it was fun, and almost 60 per cent claimed that laughter would be an ideal form of exercise.


.   I’m 59 years young today. There has been many turns in the road and burned a few bridges. However never loosing my since of humor . I’ve often said, “I’d be happy if I was in jail.”Remember we are hurling through space on a rock. That simple perspective gives me enough in my…